Zhangjiajie Huanglong Fossil Square lets visitors return hundreds of millions of years

In Zhangjiajie Huanglong hole ecological square stone pavement,fossils are found by many visitors. Ecological square stone pavement has a variety of fossils, but mainly the cornerstone, is the largest number of long tapered rectangular stone.

It is understood that the angle of petrochemical stone is a kind of software Marine invertebrate animal fossils, 450 million years ago, is one of the characteristic of the fossils in China. it is mainly distributed in Hunan, Hubei ordovician strata. Its shape is general cone, like a pagoda, bamboo, noble and elegant.

Zhangjiajie over billions of years ago is a piece of sea, then after geological changes, the deep mountains show. Then nature also brings biological coagulation of hundreds of millions of rocks in coincidence.

When using the slab to lay the road, mainly in order to highlight the local characteristics, it makes square building materials and mountain become together, which unexpectedly is accomplished on this scale fossil square. Rich and colorful fossil adds a very mysterious scenery to Huanglong hole ecological square. “Fossil square” is sure to be a shiny card of Huanglong scenic area.

Translated by Sophia