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Zhangjiajie Huanglong Cave Scenic Spot is Favored by Visitors at Night

Since July 25th, Huanglong Cave scenic area launch the night tour, which favored by the market gradually. The scenic spot gaines over 2000 visitors at one night.

In Summer, Zhangjiajie scenery is alone wonderful. Each big scenic spot has a shade of summer tourists piles. For the travel convenience of tourists, huanglong hole enriches the zhangjiajie travel products, specially the summer night tour booking service. Visitors who want to travel huanglong hole, just make an appointment ahead of time, then people can enter the huanglong hole on or before 19:00PM in the evening. The ticket fares is unchanged, still RMB100/Person.

Huanglong Cave scenic spot controller introduces, at night, the scenic area in addition reserves staff, also brights ecological square hole, to ensure the value of experience for all throughout the night visitors.

Translated by Sophia