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Wulingyuan Scenic Area: Summer Resort Worth Travel in the Heat

Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie witnesses a peak in student travel, summer relief voyage, and water-entertainment tours since July this year, receiving more than 1.4 million tourists at home and abroad.

Despite the summer heat, Wulingyuan is still popular among tourists due to its surrounding sound ecological environment. The forest coverage rate in its core area is as high as 98%, with 80,000 to 100,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter. Ancient trees tower towards the sky, casting welcoming shade, and the forest has a great impoundage. Therefore, streams here still flow even without sufficient rainfall for a month. Scenic spots, such as Golden Whip Stream, Suoxi Lake, Yellow Dragon Cave, and Baofeng Lake, are particularly charming with their sweet-sounding streams.

The scenic spot is famous as “natural air conditioner” and “natural oxygen bar” for its cool and unique climate and fresh air, a favorite summer resort. The People’s Government of Wulingyuan District and the CPC Wulingyuan District Committee have prepared an emergency plan to battle summer heat, scientifically managing the resources like water and electricity, and focusing on storing and protecting water, thereby ensuring adequate supply for tourists and residents.

Translator: Lv Xuefen

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal