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Zhangjiajie Holds the Local Calligraphy and Painting Photographic Exhibition

Light and shadow convey or express one’s tender feelings and book and ink remain the fragrance. On Sep 28th, on the upcoming of the National Day, “Elegant Sanxiang•Beautiful Wulingyuan” calligraphy and painting photographic exhibition kicks off in Zhangjiajie Shuangfeng Shiying imperial arts academy.

It is reported that this activity is sponsored by Wulingyuan literary federation and organized by district art calligrapher’s association and district photographer’s association. It is to present a gift for the 64th foundation of the new China, display Wulingyuan’s beautiful image, enrich the masses’ life and enhance the creation competence in calligraphy and photography. During this event, there are about 300 art works will be presented from the local calligraphy photographers and shutterbugs by the organizers, showing Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan’s beauty and mystery from different aspects. A part of calligraphers will wield their writing brushes in the scene to present a fascinating cultural feast to people from all circles.

“After enjoy this exhibition, I love much my homeland Wulingyuan!” says from a citizen in Zhangjiajie.

It is said this exhibition will come to an end on the National Day. These photography works will be displayed in government building, Xibu street and landmark square.

By Crystal