Zhangjiajie Holds Bicycles Cross Peaks,Low-crabon Travelling Becomes New Favorite

Riding in Zhangjiajie, Happy in Xibu Street. On Oct 16th, journalist learns from Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic spot will firstly hold the Bicycles Through Hoodoo Activity invitation tournament on Oct 19th. At that tiem 2,500 bicyclers from home and abroad will fall into six groups to play the “Riding Ballet” in Zhangjiajie’s rare hoodoo scenery, for the sake of advocating the green, environment-friendly, energy-saving and emission reduction low-carbon travelling.

It is reported the invitation tournament is sponsored by Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan People’s government, Zhangjiajie Sports Sector and organized by Wulingyuan Tourism Bureau, Zhangjiajie Bicycle Association and Xibu Street Association. It is to realize the profound integration of travel, sports and culture, so that promote the development of Zhangjiajie’s outdoor travelling.

According to the work staff, the domestic bicyclers are from Hunan’s bicycle ourdoor unions or clubs, and the foreign bicyclers are from America, Austria, Hk and Taiwan. Fallen into six groups, they will set off from Xibu street, and then ride along the routes, such as Wulngyuan landmark gate, Ten-mile gallery, Shuiraosimen and Zimugang, with a total journey of 19kms. The place winners that from the six groups will be prasied and Zhangjiajie folk customs show will be offered to all bicyclers freely.

“Zhangjiajie is hornored the fairyland on earth, and even ths paradise for outdoor cycling” The person in charge of the Wulingyuan travel bureau indicates the holding of the event is to recommend Zhangjiajie’s special scenery to the majority of outdoor lovers, as well as to promto the implementation of Tourism Law, advocate civilized travelling, low-carbon outing and envionment protection. In recently years, low-carbon travelling has become a new favorite and are favored by more attractions and tourists. Per imcomplete satistics, by the end of Sept, 2013, Wulingyuan has received over 10,000 low-carbon tourists, such as bicyclers and walking tourists, twice increase to last year.

By Crystal