Zhangjiajie Haopangzi Food Winning Golden Prize on Hunan Feed Industry Fair

On June 14th, Zhangjiajie Tujia Bacon, an exhibition product from Zhangjiajie Haopangzi Food Development Limited Liability Company, was awarded golden prize in the 5th Hunan Husbandry, Fishing & Feed Industry Fair.

Founded in 2001, the key private enterprise specializes in tourist product and local agricultural and sideline native products. Its Tujia Bacon has a unique flavor with traditional craft. For the moment, apart from selling to the Zhangjiajie and Hunan, the products of the company have also spread to over 20 large and medium-sized city and region. Because of the support and favor of customers, the company has signed sales contracts with more than 400 supermarkets.

Original flavor of Tujia Bacon

Tujia Bacon of spicy taste

By Emma