Zhangjiajie Great Gorge Will Be Still Free to Global Primary and Secondary Students

As good effect achived from last free policy of travel ticket to global primary and scendary studuents which had lasted from 1st June, 2013 to 31st May, 2014, It is announced that Zhangjiajie Great Gorge scenic zone will be still go on free ticket policy which will be lasted one and half year until 31st December,2015. It’s really a great welfare and must be the longest free ticket policy ever before. Global students under 19 are free of ticket(Volunteering ticket like slope is excluded) by student card, ID or Passport and so on.

During last period of free ticket, 41,831 primary and secondary students are accepted free of charge. What’s more, It in a great deal pushed travel development as family group. Nearly 100,000 tourists were increased owing to free policy on students. Moreover, various activities like Propaganda on ecological and civilized education were held to advocate harmonious relationship between nature and human being and absorbed many tourists’ participation.

Zhangjiajie Great Gorge, Adjacent to World Natural Heritage Wulingyuan Scenic Zone, gathers all beauty of moutain, water, cave and gorge. At present, The highest and broadest glass bridge is under construction and will be unveiled to public on April next year.

By Patricia