Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander will Create about 5 Billion Output Value by 2017

Zhangjiajie Government and Hunan raising livestock Bureau of aquatic products held a conference meeting related to protect Zhangjiajie giant salamanders in Changsha. Deputy Mayor of Zhangjiajie city Xiang Zuoyi introduced, by 2017, Zhangjiajie will own 1.3 giant salamanders per person, with a increasing income of about 3000 yuan. And the overall production value will get to about 5 billion yuan.

Zhangjiajie Giant salamander is the existing largest amphibian in the world. They live three hundred and fifty million years on the earth. Besides, they are contemporary “Earth monuments” and “Living fossil” together with dinosaurs. They are listed the lists of secondary national protected aquatic wildlife.

Translated by Becky