Zhangjiajie Four Travel Talents Successfully Accepted Challenge of Ice Barrel

In the afternoon of 22nd August, At the entrance of Baizhang Gorge of Wulingyuan Scenic Resort, Four travel talents were poured by ice water contained in barrel and gained all people’s applause and shriek.

Those four people are elites representative of travel industry of Wulingyuan District. One is general manager of Slope Company of Tianzi Mountain, Xu Yixing and the other one is director of Baofeng Lake Company, Zhu Chaowen. One is curator of Guanshanyue Museum, Tangwei and another is excecutive manager of Xiangxi Impression Ecological Catering Company, Li Jianfeng. They not only successfully accepted challenge and donate RMB200 each one. A Chinese American tourist, greatly touched by their action and spirit and spontaneously donate RMB1,000 to support this public-spirited activity.

Li Jianfeng expressed that his participation in this activity is out of his willingness to express positive energy to society. They will donate RMB1,800 collectd that day to poor students and will invite more people to attend in.

By Patricia