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Zhangjiajie Formulating 5 Policies to Boost Xibu Street

According to Wulingyuan Brigade committee on June 4th, Zhangjiajie initiated five policies to accelerate the development of characteristically leisure travel in Xibu Street, lead and support Xibu Street to become more powerful as well as promoting its quality and transformation of travel.

The five policies are to be implemented on June 1st. It can be concluded as follows:

Firstly, it aims to take Xibu Street as a way to enrich the connotation of Wulingyuan scenic area, speeding up its transformation of travel by developing important travel product and exposing it to the public more.

Secondly, Xibu Street is to join in the management system of tourist destinations, encouraging and supporting travel agencies to add it to their itineraries. The government would reward those whose visitors are 30% higher than that in the Wulingyuan core scenic area.

Thirdly, it strives to accelerate the development of product, making mass consumption possible. The mass consumption product is what everyone is accessible to eat, live, watch, play and buy, which is able to meet the needs of consumers of each class, in particular for the common people.

Fourthly, Xibu Street company should carry out the activity“Safety and Satisfaction in Zhangjiajie”, which ensures a true commodity and fair service.

Fifthly, the night market in Xibu Street should be opened as soon as possible, introducing barbecues and snacks to the public. Hence, it will attracts a flood of people and expand the consumption space.

By Emma