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Zhangjiajie Efforts to Ensure Satisfaction of Self-service Travelers

The 30th April is the second day as well as the peak of May Day holiday, especially for the self-service traveler .In order to actively and effectively take this holiday’s DIY travel under control, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park made great effort to ensure the satisfaction of self-service travelers.

Well-prepared organization and fully participated staff are the essentiality for a safe and pleasant journey in Zhangjiajie. Though seas of travelers and heavy transportation may make the traveling crowded, careful arrangements are applied. Traffic police are deployed to direct the traffic; road signs are put to lead the right direction; warm-hearted volunteers carefully solve travelers’ puzzles. All the actions above hold the same goal that is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of every traveler who pays his or her visit here in Zhangjiajie.

By Aileen