Zhangjiajie core scenic spots make discount ticket for seven days after Golden week

From China News Network, On October 8th, The world natural heritage,Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic spots, has offered a specific preferential price worldwide for 7 days. It will start on Oct,8th to 14th, with discount rate of 20%. The Current ticket price is 180 yuan (Not including environmentally friendly vehicles, 65 yuan), and after discount, the ticket price is 144 yuan (Not including environmentally friendly vehicles, 65 yuan), with a discount price of 209 yuan.The original favorable tickets and weekly tickets for special groups will not abate a price.

It is informed that Wulingyuan core scenic spots, The implementation of this discount is approved by the Provincial Price Bureau, aimed at implementing the unified deployment of National Development and Reform Commission, is to create a good travel travel price environment, and promote travel consumption.

By Brenda