Zhangjiajie Citizens Can Be Free to Enjoy 5D Movie “Wuling Strange Encounter”

On May 18th, Zhangjiajie world geological park museum announced that in order to widely popularize “Zhangjiajie landscape” of knowledge, 5D experience pavilion will be free to Zhangjiajie citizens in the fourth “China travel day” (May 19th). People can be immersive to experience Zhangjiajie “Earthquakes” natural big change.

5D movie “Wuling Strange Encounter” runs about 15 minutes. Based on the love story of Jack and Cuicui in Zhangjiajie, Through their bizarre and thrilling time travel trip, It leads the visitors to appreciate the natural ecology of Zhangjiajie grand and mysterious history.

The film is a cross subject three-dimensional film. With the geological popular science knowledge, It combined with the reality show, visual effects and special effects, showing Zhangjiajie beautiful natural landscape.

Translated by Sophia