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Zhangjiajie Cili Zhaojiaya Reservoir Appeared Freshwater Jellyfish

Through the water, journalists saw some creatures in group. They are dancing freely in the water. Sometimes they float to the water surface to enjoy sunshine and sometimes they archly sink into the water. It seems peach blossoms blossom one after another in the water after breeze. This is famous freshwater jellyfish.

According to data, freshwater jellyfish is the most original and the lowest invertebrate coelenterate on earth. It was born about 0.65 billion years ago. So it is a kind of creature living fossil. They usually have high demands on living environment. That is to say, they can only survive in water which has no-pollution water quality. Usually, they appear for a short period of time and are not easy to be found. Cili Zhaojiaya Reservoir has been built 37 years ago. Since 2008, there appears freshwater jellyfish every September and October.

Translated by Becky