Zhangjiajie Cili County Won “Hot Spring Township of China”

Zhangjiajie Cili county, with the unremitting efforts of the county government and county land and resources bureau and other related functional departments, the declaration work of “Hot Spring Township of China” will succeed in recently. Trough hot spring township of China and geothermal energy exploitation and utilization demonstration unit &appraisal committee, the CiLi county was officially named “Hot Spring Township of China”. At present, the selection results were showing on the ministry of land and resources website, in a few days, it would give a nameboards ceremony.

It is reported, After declaring ” Hot Spring Township of China ” successully, it will bring huge economic benefits for the county economy development. The county will be based on hot springs to develop a large scale of travel resources, for turning over a new leaf to “travel driving industrial county” strategy implementation.

Translated by Sophia