Zhangjiajie Becomes the Best Place to Travel for the Aged

Recently, Source from China Gerontology Society Tourism Association has learned that in 2013 “A Home under the Sun” travel group that focuses on “Silver hair market” Sent 56 senior tourist-dedicated trains to national tourist generating regions, among which “Zhangjiajie Silver Hair Train Travel” that takes health wellness as the principal product is highly favored, Taking up 20% of the total train numbers.

Ding Yunyong, the director of Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau remarks in 2014 taking the features of stressing on high quality, safety, health and “Leisure travel” into consideration when senior citizens think of travelling, Zhangjiajie will have a “Tailor-made”, Carry out the high-quality and diversified old-aged travel products, such as old-aged holiday home, Health spa and fitness regimen.

Source from: Hunan Daily

By Crystal