Zhangjiajie Baofeng Mount’s Kudzu Plating Achieved a Great Harvest

As well known, kudzu is a nutritious wild vegetable with protein, iron, calcium and other various nutritious elements contained in it. It could strengthen immune system of human body and lengthen people’s life. Having gone through five years’ seed introduction, grafting and trial plating, kudzu finally has achieved planting in large scale in Mount Baofeng. Large-scale planting of kudzu also set an example on reform of agriculture industry structure. To celebrate this great achievement, Zhangjiajie Anfu Tourism Food Company held a recommendation and appreciation meeting.

At the launch scene, attendants could not only view producing process and product show but also could taste kudzu juice and various dishes made by kudzu for free. At the same time, you could experience the joy of planting kudzu by yourself. After overall acknowledgement of kudzu, over ten large hotel and restaurants signed purchasing contract with Anfu company.

By Patricia