Zhangjiajie Bailong Awarded as One of The Most Surprising and Creative Elevators

According to the source from China News, A foreign media reported that CNN selected 12 most surprising and creative elevators in the world. Zhangjiajie Bailong Sky Elevators was one of them.

The foreign media claimed that elevators seemed very usual, But it is equipped with supernatural skills and craftmanships. The travel channel in CNN also pointed that when you take a lift, You just press buttons and it will take you to any storey you want. It is just a very normal. But if you observe closely, You will find that taking a lift may be the most shocking trip in your life not just as simple as from one point to another point.

Speaking of Zhangjiajie Bailong Sky Elevators, The travel channel described that it is a few hundred high and built on a cliff. Besides, It takes travelers only 2 minutes when they can not only enjoy the attracting view of valley but also have a bird view of the area.

Translated by Zumi