Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan welcomed a Large-scale taiwan tour this year

On June 10th, 300 employees of Xinmei company from Taiwan had a tour in Bao feng lake, Yuanjiajie, and other scenic areas. This is the largest Taiwan Tour in Zhangjiajie this year.

Taiwan is one of the most important overseas tourist markets in Zhangjiajie. Last year, in particular, Zhangjiajie in Taiwan organized a series of travel marketing and communication activities and achieved remarkable achievement. At the end of this year, Huangshi village passenger ropeway taiwan-funded enterprises would hold “Huangshi village cup” limit downhill race successfully. In 2014, more than 56,000 passengers entered Wulingyuan scenic area of Taiwan, up 16.06% from a year earlier.

Charter flights from zhangjiajie to Taiwan, Zhangjiajie in Taiwan’s market this year focused on enlarging the image of Zhangjiajie publicity and promotional efforts. In addition to the autonomous enrolment tuxedo, it will also actively dock with some big companies in Taiwan.

Translated by Sophia