Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area Welcomes the First Winter Snow

December 10th, Influenced by temperature and rainfall weather, The World Natural Heritage Wulingyuan welcomes the first winter snow.

By aerial ropeway of Tianzi mountain, We can see vaguely foggy snow ornament. According to the weather forecast, The next few days, The cold weather will continue, some magic wonders will show in tianzi. In order to ensure the orderly, Wulingyuan district travel departments and the scenic area offices strengthen the security, guarantee the safety of travel. At present, The core scenic area has a normal and orderly reception.

Since 1st of this month, Wulingyuan scenic area has begun to implement the off-season fares. The policy of “Enjoying preferential tickets, Enjoying winter snow” will be the good choice of the Chinese and foreign tourists to Zhangjiajie travel.

Translated by Sophia