Zhangjiajie will build the first domestic international graffiti art blocks

On May 7th, The young painter Tian Haowen makes Zhangjiajie ancient and modern homesickness graffiti work to welcome graffiti artists to Zhangjiajie for creation. As a symbol, the first domestic international graffiti art district will be built in Zhangjiajie.

The based stele is also a picture of graffiti work. Zhangjiajie tiancheng real estate co., LTD., Zhangjiajie, west street investment construction projects, in this unique way, combines the international graffiti art blocks, modern 3D animation, elegant and mobile music stage with the world’s largest performing arts theater lotus dome together, to build a new Zhangjiajie international travel culture card.

Zhangjiajie the first domestic international graffiti art blocks, with a total investment of about 700 million yuan, covers an area of 55,000 square meters. The construction area is about 130,000 square meters, which is adjacent to the construction of the world’s largest and Russian circus city garden. It plans to open a year later, in 2018 May Day. Blocks of buildings, walls, roads, corridors, and other places, set up more than 1,000 graffiti zone, which lets free graffiti art master and lovers at home and abroad to come into the life of modern art, bringing inspiration and artistic enjoyment.

In order to enrich the international graffiti art blocks, Zhangjiajie creates a 3D landscape street, a transparent mobile music stage and international modern culture travel products, forming a complete set of food from all over the world. Zhangjiajie scenery and human landscape shows in the blocks in 3D animation way, which makes the masses of tourists feel enjoyable. With the aid of waterscape, building water transparent mobile music stage, visitors can see the regular water concert every night. With rich and colorful travel business new formats, it will create a comprehensive travel culture art blocks.

Investors in the first phase build the world’s largest lotus dome performing arts theater. And the second phase, the international graffiti art of Zhangjiajie, west street blocks will promote the internationalization of Zhangjiajie travel and cultural taste of the city. It will become a new business card of Zhangjiajie international travel culture.

Translated by Sophia