Zhangjiajie will be free to worldwide women in Women’s Day

In March, It is a good time for people to go out for an outing,embracing the nature.Tocreate a common concern atmosphere of women in the whole society, world naturalheritage site Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan tries to be a beautiful scenic spot for caringfor women. On February 24th, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan district travel working committee office to release news, on March 8th, it will befree to open to the global female tourists. This is the first time for Wulingyuan to be free to female tourists.

On March 8th, the global women tourists can choose their own validdocuments from five tickets station directly into the scenic spot, but need topurchase and person accident injury insurance. Tianzi mountain cableway, thedragon ladder, Huangshi village cableway, Yang Gujie cableway, li gallerysightseeing trolley are not included. With the free open activity, at the sametime, some hotels have also play “Family card”.

According to understand, during Women’s Day, Wulingyuan scenic area has a suitableweather for spring outing.

Translated by Sophia