Zhangjiajie welcomes more than millions of tourists during “Double Festival”

On February 26th, According to the data published in half a month from Spring Festival golden week to Lantern Festival, the reception of tourists is 1.068 million persons, with a year-on-year growth of 54%. Among them, the core scenic mountains, 253,000 people once year-on-year growth of 50%.

Since Spring Festival, the weather continues to be fine, Chinese and foreign tourists come here to enjoy the sunshine. Especially during Spring Festival golden week, the total reception road vehicles are 42,000, up 200% from a year earlier. As Tianzi mountain cableway has a good reception capacity, greatly cutting down queuing phenomenon.

In addition, the spring flowers in Huanglong hole and Huangshi village are in full bloom, looking forward to Chinese and foreign tourists to visit.

Translated by Sophia