Zhangjiajie Wanfu Hot Spring International Village built into operation

October 1, 2016, Zhangjiajie Cili Wanfu Spa International Village officially completed and running.

Zhangjiajie Cili County is one of the “Hot springs of China”, It has a wealth of hot springs resources, it is about 60km from Zhangjiajie city, the whole is high-speed.

In 2012 the Ministry of Health of the medical hot spring assessment, Cili Wanfu Spa was listed as China’s largest ‘radon’ hot springs. The hot spring is a natural hot springs, perennial temperature of 53 ℃, rich in partial silicic acid, strontium, lithium, zinc, selenium and other trace elements beneficial to the human body. According to the Ministry of Land and Resources has proven reserves of 2850 cubic meters per day, and ranking second in Hunan Province.

Translated by shuire