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Zhangjiajie Version《Jiangnan Style》is being shooting in Huanglong Cave

Local “Bird Uncles” who dressed in white shirt, beautiful “Girls” who acted exaggeration enchanting, jumped a song Zhangjiajie Version of Jiangnan style, in Huanglong Hole rural idyll ecological square of Wulingyuan scenic. The shocking dance and rural scenery of Huanglong Hole attracted a lot of visitors.

The mv of Zhangjiajie Version Jiangnan style which duplicated by local personage, came to Huanglong Cave scenic spot to view landscape. Taking the only ecological theatre hallelujah hall in China as the background, double legs shaped like a horse stance, raised right hand to jilt horsewhip. The local actors who played “Bird Uncles” jumped the skilled riding dance to embark upon a warming welcome. More than 30 tujia gilrs with different national costume to follow together, the scene is very lively.

The MV of Zhangjiajie Version Jiangnan style will open to general public and tourists friends in November. At the appointed time, the audience can pass this MV to enjoy zhangjiajie’s stunning scenery and the shocking performance of native” Bird Uncles “.

Translated by Sophia