Zhangjiajie Ushers The Greatest Overseas Tour Group

On 2nd, March, Zhangjiajie has ushered the greatest overseas tour group. All 769 members in this group come from Thailand. They will start the “Tour of Avatar” in Zhangjiajie core scenic zone.

It is learned from Huatian Tourism Company that all these members are from NUTRAVEL Company of Thailand. They were separated into three groups to Guangzhou by air and then to Changsha by high-speed railway and then to Zhangjiajie. The first group started off on 27th January, The second group on 28th January and the third on 1st February. Apart from attending great internal meeting, They also visited exquisite scenic spots like Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Mount Tianzi, Yuanjia Village, Tianmen Mountian, Yellow Dragon Cave and watched performance of Charming Western Hunan within 3 days.

“I’ve gone to Beijing, Guilin, Huangzhou. But Zhangjiajie is my favorite place. It is so beautiful especially snow view of Zhangjiajie. I’m really lucky to view such shocking vision. I’ve been to Zhangjiajie last year.So I brought a over 800-member group this year” President from Thailand NUTRAVEL Company excitedly said to journalist. He also said that a lot of Thailand people know about Zhangjiajie by movie “Avatar”. In later days, I’ll strongly recommend Zhangjiajie to let more Thailand people visit here.

Recently, With more operation on travel economy between Zhangjiajie and Thailand especially after several travel promotion activities held in Thailand by Zhangjiajie, “Zhangjiajie Style” is in vogue in Thailand. According to uncomplete statistics that over 20 thousand tourist from Thailand visited Zhangjiajie in 2013. Zhangjiajie has been one of the top travel choices of Thailand tourists and Thailand has been the second overseas guest country after South Korea.

By Patricia