Zhangjiajie Uses Micro Movie“Filial Piety Culture”to Promote Travel

“When I was young, my father said that the best scenery is in the mountains. It is the dream place that every Chinese people want to go. Now the best scenery is at hand. We can see the filial behaviors in Zhangjiajie”. On December 4th, micro movie “Filial behaviors in the world • zhangjiajie”officially released in each big famous video website. As we have learned, the use of “Filial piety culture” micro film to promote travel, It is the first time in our country.

When it comes to create the filial behaviors in the world • zhangjiajie, Liu Yi said, according to the network, He will constantly improve a variety of languages such as English, Korean as soon as possible. It will make the overseas guests know Zhangjajie through the filial piety culture. He hopes that through their own labor, It can promote his hometown contributions to Zhangjiajie.

Translated by Sophia