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Zhangjiajie Tujia people’s Dripping Bed

Have you ever been to the dwelling of Tujia people? Then have you ever seen the “dripping bed”? Here, you may be startled by it.

Dripping bed, a domestic furniture of Tujia people, does not mean that the bed drips. Actually, it is given the name because the bed has the bed eaves similar to that of a house. In unmarried young people’s view, it shines with blissfulness and symbolizes a dream to bright future life.

An incarnation of happiness. Dripping bed is made for newly-married couples. Its shape similar to a drop of water indicates the essence of life portending endless growth. Thus it is also called the bed of “bearing children”.

Beauty messenger. Dripping bed exacts virtuosity and painstaking work to complete a bed. It is caved with various patterns such as “the Eight Fairies”, “Twin bliss”, “a golden harvest”, lifelike to feast on our eyes. From these designs, the host’s longing for happiness and beauty wells up.

A combination of wisdom and hardworking, dripping bed startles your eyes with its exceptional beauty.

By Crystal