Zhangjiajie Travel is on the Rise In 2014

The weather turns cool, Zhangjiajie travel market shows the sign of travelling. Data showed that during 14 days, Wulingyuan at a time into has a number of 20,633 people, 122.9% year-on-year growth, Breaking through the twenty thousand mark for the first time. According to statistics, Zhangjiajie has received 18.34 million visitors, up 11.24% year on year, Tourism revenue of 10.397 billion yuan, Up 14.26% from a year earlier.

In early 2013, Affected by objective factors, The travel market was weak, Zhangjiajie is no exception. Zhangjiajie resolutely put travel market as a crucial priority, uses series activate travel market combination, Implement multiple combination, Meeting the new demand of travel consumption.

Translated by Sophia