Zhangjiajie tourism got a total of the first 10 months over 2000 million

According to industry analysts, the explosive growth of travel in Zhangjiajie, one held the first China International Cultural Tourism Festival in 2010, serving the world finals, Miss State and Global Finals, Miss China, "Yu Shang Ni Zhangjiajie charm song" autumn and winter fashion shows and other large events, enhancing the brand image of Zhangjiajie, Second, using the movie "Avatar," the hit, start marketing to expand the visibility and the third is the National Zhangjiajie five hundred travel agents and Shanghai Airlines, China Eastern, Korean, etc. Easy Star airlines to expand the tourist market, fourth, launched the "Heavenly Gate Liu HUXIN new Woodcutter", "Hunan Zhangjiajie charm," "Song of God Wulingyuan Tima" opera and other cultural travel, the travel industry chain extension, Loved by tourists.

According to statistics, in October, Zhangjiajie scenic spots (points) received 3.329 million tourists trips, an increase of 29.1%, 2.15 billion yuan of travel revenue, only the "October" Golden Week, Zhangjiajie to set a maximum travel times and received the Golden Week accommodation was the highest single-day record.