Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain Cableway has entered into the debugging stage

On January 12nd, upgrading for a year, Zhangjiajie Tianzishan mountain cableway has entered the stage of debugging, which will be open to tourists before and after the Spring Festival.

New Year’s day in 2015, Zhangjiajie Tianzi mountain cableway all shut down into the capacity upgrade. Renovation project is on the site, after transforming, the total line is 2097 meters long. At the same time, it also sets up 78 cars. Ropeway after modification, running speed is 6 m/s, on the basis of original increased by 33%. During the period of transformation, the visitor center, all the supporting service facilities are synchronized to upgrade.

New ropeway not only has set up a more convenient “Air channel” for Chinese and foreign tourists, but also adds a beautiful scenery line, especially solving the queuing problem effectively. It can improve the satisfaction of Chinese and foreign tourists.

New Tianzi mountain cableway operation, Huangshi village cableway, The dragon ladder, Yang Gujie cableway four air traffic lanes, will solve wulingyuan scenic area queuing problem.

Translated by Sophia