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Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain meets the second snow this winter

With the invasion of cold air, Since December 14th, An average elevation of 1,400 meters of Zhangjiajie tianmen mountain again meets the snow. The entire scenic area is a silver world of ice and snow.

After a night of snow, The entire scenic area is a piece of snow. Today the weather gradually clears up, so the scenic spot immediately becomes a vanity jade build by laying bricks or stones in the world. The roads are covered with a layer of about 5cm of snow, like a white carpet spreading to the depths of the forest. And bundles, individual tall trees branches shrubs are thick, forming different shapes of large area landscape. Many tourists have picked up the camera to record the beautiful scenery.

Entering December,Zhangjiajie tianmen mountain meets in snow twice, and appear multiple times rime, glaze, BingGua landscape. According to the weather forecast, mid to late this month, it will also have a cool rain and snow weather process in Zhangjiajie, the covenant of Tianmen mountain snow, be there or be square!

Translated by Sophia