Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain 999 Ladders Downhill

The hardest and most crazy 2016 second session Tianmen mountain red bull ladder international classic downhill opened the game on 17th. In order to adapt to the targeted training, 14 elite challenge players have arrived in Tianmen mountain in advance.

See the track at first glance, battle-hardened players suddenly appeared different expressions, everyone is ready to race in the world’s only pure steps to show a talent!

19 years old teenager from the US Reed Boggs, firstly along the steep stairs, rapidly rode all the way down, holding their breath. Towards the end, Reed Boggs suddenly had an acceleration to complete a beautiful leap action.

As the Reed Boggs riding smoothly, other players also began training individually, showing the amazing strength. Players are famous for its high difficulty of the red bull fall mountain, and are good at challenging unconventional track. After several rounds of conventional speed cycling, everyone began to challenge things.

Translated by Sophia

Source:Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website