Zhangjiajie Tianmen fox spirit has recovery performance on March 2nd

The spring is the recovery of all things. The world’s first large-scale landscape subject-live performance “Tianmen fox spirit” will premiere on March 2nd, 2016 evening 20:15 coliseum in Zhangjiajie Tianmen mountain canyon’s great theater.

Since debut in September of 2009, more than 200 audiences around the world have been moved to tears at the scene of the “Tianmen fox spirit”, given surprise applause, drunk in the fox spirit of amorous feelings. The amorous and moving “Drama” is called “Chinese landscape Broadway” by a lot of tourists.

In 2016, luxuriant upgrade in Tianmen fox spirit, with a super million investment, service facilities for new adjustments, it will give the audience the ground-breaking visual and sound effects and the most warm service experience. At the same time, the big changes to the cast, will increase the number of actors, enhance the level of performance, be strongest in the history of tribute of 2016.

Translated by Sophia