Zhangjiajie spring scenery azalea in Baofeng Lake

Azaleas are in full bloom, Coloring the mountain. On the morning of March 19th, the world natural heritage Zhangjiajie Baofeng lake has beautiful spring scenery, giving a leisure place for the visitors from home and abroad. According to the staff of the scenic spot introduction, since azaleas bloom, nearly time visitors increase obviously, around 3,000 people every day, and rose twenty percent last year.

Baofeng lake is an organic part for Zhangjiajie, which is known as the “Hanging sacred lake” in Zhangjiajie landscape. Every year in March, the hills around the lake will be full of pink azaleas, attracting domestic and overseas tourists.

Rhododendron perianth, known as “Flower of Xishi”, is quite well-known Zhangjiajie flower seeds. Baofeng lake, Tanzi mountain, Huangshi village, Yuan Jiajie and Yang Jiajie are good places for viewing the cuckoo.

Translated by Sophia