Zhangjiajie Shuangfeng Village Desires into Leisure Riding Camp

Zhangjiajie Shuangfeng Village has a good base for rural travel development, Natural ecology, pleasant environment, Which is suitable for outdoor travel development.

Zhangjiajie Shuangfeng village, adjacent to Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage, Relying on the high starting point plan, becomes an ecological, Pleasant and unique sightseeing park. It is the city’s demonstration pilot project of a new socialist countryside. At present, Ecological planning construction has 10 functional areas, creating a unique tujia architecture style.

After recent years of development and construction, Zhangjiajie Shuangfeng village has become a fine place for many outdoor enthusiasts and experience leisure riders. According to incomplete statistics, since 2011, Zhangjiajie Shuangfeng village has received around the outdoor travel nearly 30,000 people.

Translated by Sophia