Zhangjiajie Shined in UN Sustainable Development Huangshan Dialogue

From May 27th to 30th, in the dialogue of UNESCO heritage lists and sustainable development,Zhangjiajie world geological park attracted many attentions of the participating institutions and related experts.

Zhangjiajie world geological park besides the co-organizer huangshan was the only exhibition unit, and did a keynote report about Zhangjiajie geological park science. Delegates visited the park during the exhibition, asking for 300 Zhangjiajie publicity materials, special inviting the world geological park network executive director to carry a report on park upgrade situation.

“List of UNESCO heritage and the sustainable development dialogue” sponsored by UNESCO, aimed at further to position the world heritage site, world biosphere reserve and world geological park for sustainable scientific research, in order to better share a space technology products, tools and applications.

Translated by Sophia