Zhangjiajie scenic spot presents clouds and waterfalls double wonders

On May 11,Zhangjiajie Huangshi village,the first ray of sunlight through the clouds after a storm, it shows clouds and waterfalls double strange landscapes. Withthe help of the wind, the clouds are ethereal, so the mountain scenery in the distance looks like a natural ink painting picture scroll.

The clouds is gestated bynature, generally appearing in 2,000 meters above sea level after a storm. Cloud organ also names cloud waterfall, which is a dynamic landscape of cloud in the verticaldirection. When the floated cloud has encountered a mountain or cliff, it willpour down like water, becoming the formation of the cloud organ.It generally appears in spring and winter, with extremely special geographical environment. Magic wonderland scenery has attracted a largenumber of tourists to view, showing the exclamation to the nature.

Translated by Sophia