Zhangjiajie Sangzhi Drum Dance will be shown in Hong Kong

Source from the new of Zhangjiajie City Culture and Sports Bureau,Appointed by Asia Pacific TV 2018 China National Minority Song and Dance Club,Zhangjiajie Sangzhi Drum Dance will be on Hong Kong stage from April 11th to 16th,It will show the unique charm of Zhangjiajie national culture to Hong Kong audiences.

Zhangjiajie Sangzhi Drum Dance is a unique traditional dance of Sangzhi Bai ethnic group. It has a history of more than 700 years. This dance uses props as props and percussion instruments as dance music. It reproduces the life and labor scenes of Bai people. It is widely used in folk activities such as temple fairs, festivals, and sacrifices, and is deeply loved by Bai people.

Source from Liu xiao