Zhangjiajie promotes Zhangjiajie Landform Scenery with Tencent Game

In early June,Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan district travel bureau with tencent game will shoot the first full 3D swordsman network game “The Magic Blade”.This is the first time to promote world natural heritage Zhangjiajie landform scenery with tencent games.

According to introduction, since the game screen is full of rich Chinese wind, especially in the selection of 12 sceneries, It will have offline activities. Wulingyuan scenic spot and the ancient city of phoenix in Hunan province will be the partner of tencent game for the first time. During the cooperation period, the scenic spot will put propaganda products in the scenic spots. In return, Tencent game will display Zhangjiajie scenery on the website. At the same time, Zhangjiajie will use the popup window function to push the scenic area information for users.

Network game is a fad. It will create a connection to improve the influence and popularity of both parties.

Translated by Sophia