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“Zhangjiajie National Geological Park” Became an official name

On November 4th, in the ministry of land and resources website “Announcements” found that “Zhangjiajie sandstone hoodoo national geological park” has officially changed its name to “Zhangjiajie National Geological Park”. The announcement, “Zhangjiajie National Geological Park” won a formal approval.

As we have learned, Zhangjiajie National Geological Park is not only the first national geological park, is also one of National geological park. It concludes Zhangjijaije, Suoxiyu, Tianzi mountain, Yangjiajie four main Wulingyuan scenic areas. Adding huanglong hole, it forms a complete ecological system, which is a rare natural museum and rare tourist resort. The sandstone landform represents a unique morphology and natural geographical features, so national geological park was named the “Zhangjiajie sandstone hoodoo national geological park” in 2001. In 2004, Zhangjiajie was united church of branch organization in the world geological park. In November 2010, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan sandstone was also identified as “Zhangjiajie landscape” by International Geological Experts.

“Zhangjiajie National Geological Park”, the official name, it will show the geological relics resources of Zhangjiajie rare strange situation.

Translated by Sophia