Zhangjiajie Municipal Library Association was Established

In the morning of 12th December, 2012, the coldness of the severe winter surrendered to the passion of all the teachers and students from Zhangjiajie College of Jishou University. The celebration of the establishment of the municipal library association as well as the opening ceremony of Zhangjiajie College Library was officially undertaking on the square in font of the library.

The establishment of the municipal library association is a pleasing thing for Zhangjiajie city’s cultural construction, and also has important significance for building the public cultural service system, promoting the city-wide reading, motivating the innovation and heritage of knowledge, boosting the city dwellers’ quality and establishing a model of insist-on-learning society. Moreover the establishment of the library also started to bring beauty to the spiritual and cultural construction for all the college students here and even the local residents.

Translated by Vincent Chou