Zhangjiajie monkeys celebrates International Forest Protection Festival

2016 China Zhangjiajie international forest protection festival entered the countdown, Wulingyuan macaques were particularly active, from time to time to greet various visitors at home and abroad.

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan as a world natural heritage, China’s first national forest park, the core scenic forest coverage rate is as high as 98%, among the mountain type scenic spot. The beautiful ecological environment has created good conditions for many species to survive and develop. Currently in huangshi village, Yuan Gujie, Tianzi mountain, Bao feng lake scenic spots, people can see living thousands of wild macaques, known as the “Mountain spirit”. They mainly eats leaves and wild fruits, if visitors carry the melon and snacks, they will also hunt. So workers at the scenic spot remind visitors to keep the distance to avoid the monkey’s paw in evidence.

2016 China Hunan Zhangjiajie forest protection festival will open in Zhangjiajie on 18th. At that time, Tourists from home and abroad in the opening ceremony will have an appreciation to Zhangjiajie lark singing of “Green love song” and Charming Xiangxi group forest singing and dancing performance. They can also witness 2,000 riders through the forest, thousands of photographers focusing on Zhangjiajie landform and other activities.

Translated by Sophia