Zhangjiajie lobster flower in Golden whip stream

Autumn is a good season for outing, so lobster flower comes to meet people. On August 27th, several self-help tourists in Zhangjiajie Park Huangshizhai are attracted by the blooming lobster flower. Saying goodbye to the hot summer, people come into the autumn season, in “The world’s most beautiful grand canyon” Zhangjiajie Golden whip stream, tens of thousands of individual plant lobster flowers are bloomng, so the scenic spot is dressed up in colorful, to tourists from home and abroad.

Lobster flower, because of the shape, is impatiens herbaceous flowers. Lobster flower is a unique ancient auspicious flower seed in Wulingyuan world natural heritage. As early as one hundred million years ago, it was known as “Living fossil” plants.

In addition, there are other flowers in the scenic area since autumn to greet the guests.

Translated by Sophia