Zhangjiajie leadership Hubojun met with South Korea Hedong Guests

On October 29th, Zhangjiajie secretary of municipal committee Hubojun met with Caoyouxing with his members from hedong county of south korea in Zhangjiajie sunshine hotel.

Hubojun showed a warm welcome to Caoyouxing. To Chief, for saying respect and heartfelt thanks to the noble contribution. The chief Cao took groups again to Zhangjiajie to exchange summary and establish friendly city with seven decades of experience, thus discussing the next step of cooperation way.

This kind of practice was very meaningful. They hoped that through this exchange and mutual learning, zhangjiajie would have an economic and social development and environmental protection,with the help of hedong county. It also hoped that through this exchange making both parties′ friendship have new progress. Hoping the cooperation in the future become closer, communication become deeper and deeper,with deeper feelings. And they wish both people’s life become happier and happier, with a more and more beautiful tomorrow!

Translated by Sophia

A group photo of Zhangjiajie municipal leaders and South Korean guests