Zhangjiajie launches the Spring Tour Route “Journey to the West”

The awaken of spring is increasingly strong. In Monkey spring, it is a good chance to Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan for an outing to admire the view of “Journey to the West”. Recently, Zhangjiajie launches the spring tour line “Journey to the west”, to admire Monkey King determined diligence, positive energy, sharing a friendly and harmonious power.

The launch of “Journey to the west” tour line mainly includes: Huangshi village – Yang Gujie – Yuan Gujie – Water around four miles galleries – Tianzi mountain – Baofeng lake – Huanglong hole, depending on the visiting time, it can be extended to the surrounding area. Among them, the water around the four doors, ten miles galleries, Baofeng lake, Huanglong hole are main plots for “Journey to the west”, making Zhangjiajie landform scenery walke into the thousands of people.

Launching “Journey to the west” tour lines, on the one hand, riches spring travel products, on the other hand, is also to commemorate the 30th anniversary of “Journey to the west”. Wulingyuan district travel and foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs bureau chief introduction, Before Spring Festival, Zhangjiajie sincere hires Zhang Jinlai for image propaganda mouthpiece of Wulingyuan. Although there is no reply, Wulingyuan will never change the thanks heart of “Journey to the west”. It will let visitors feel the great changes of Wulingyuan in 30 years.

Translated by Sophia