Zhangjiajie Junsheng Academy Has the 13th Anniversary Celebration

On the evening of May 16th, Zhangjiajie Junsheng academy has the 13th anniversary celebration.

Zhangjiajie Junsheng academy was founded in 2001, known as Zhangjiajie unique human landscape. The art academy concentration shows Mr Li Junsheng, 30-year research and exploration of sand painting art.

The academy with the purpose of “Simple, nature and innovation”, makes the sand painting from the original to develop to a new height. It focuses on the sand plant sticker unique art. Zhangjiajie Junsheng academy makes a breakthrough to traditional painting materials, with extremely high artistic value and collection. Junsheng academy and sand painting are blinks in Zhangjiajie beauty, A unique artistic charming of the humanities landscape.

Translated by Sophia