Zhangjiajie is a city for selling clean atmosphere

Assessment report of negative ions in Zhangjiajie tourist area(By Wu Chucai)

Ions are essential to life. Negative ions, in particular, have long been acclaimed in the medical circle as “vitamin and heteroauxin-esque airborne substance”. Scientific researches show that ions can improve the ecological system by purifying the air. Ions play an important role in the cells of living organisms, particularly in cell membranes. It can accelerate metabolism and help pass the waste matters from the body. In addition, it can activate the immune cells and prevent proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and help avoid infection.

Published research shows that high levels of negative ions are a useful treatment for seasonal affective disorder if the negative ions are in sufficient density (quantity). Normally, it meets the basic body needs when reaching 700 per cu centimeter.

Since the 1990s, we have carried out a series of assessments of negative ions with FTP-2 and FTP-3 air ion counters in Jinbianxi River, Yaozizai, Shadaogou, Huangshizai, Tianmenshan Mountain and other key scenic spots in Zhangjiajie. Among the 212 sets of data acquired from the assessment, 6 sets are 100,000 per cu centimeter and above (2.8%); 15 are 50,000~100,000 per cu centimeter (7%); 33 are 10,000~50,000 per cu centimeter (15.6%); 68 are 5,000~10,000 per cu centimeter (32%); 42 are 700~5,000 per cu centimeter (19.8%) and 46 are 700 per cu centimeter (21.7%).

The ample ions, together with the dense forests and waterfalls there, make Zhangjiajie an ideal place to nurse your health.

(The author is a professor of Central South University of Forestry and Technology.)

Breathing freely and deeply in Zhangjiajie
You should pay five US dollars for every breath in Zhangjiajie
-- former Colorado Governor Nancy Dick
The importance of Zhangjiajie is it has the purest air in the whole of China
-- renowned scholar and geologist Simon Winchester
I wandered around everywhere for more than 40 years until I found paradise for my soul in the deep mountains of Zhangjiajie
-- famous Taiwanese writer Qiong Yao
Zhangjianjie, a close-to-nature city that lets you breathing freely in this often ecologically hostile world.
--International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)core expert Dr.Jim Sancerre

Zhangjiajie’s scenic spots are rich in negative oxygenion:
Shilihualang (Ten-miles Picturesque Scenery Corridor): 100,000 per cubic centimeter.
Tianmenshan (Tianmen Mountain): 90,000 per cubic centimeters
Jinbianxi (Golden Whip Brook): 110,000 per cubic centimeter
Baofeng Hu (Baofeng Lake): 110,000 per cubic centimeter.
Yuanjiajie: 90,000 per cubic centimeter.
Tianzishan (Tianzi Mountain): 90,000 per cubic centimeter.

Zhangjiajie, a city with a beautiful scenery, fresh air and colorful culture.
Welcome to Zhangjiajie !