Zhangjiajie International Graffiti Arts Block Starts Construction

The groundbreaking ceremony of Zhangjiajie International Graffiti Arts Block was held in downtown Zhangjiajie on May 7, 2017. The 700-million-yuan project covers an area of 130,000 sqm. Upon competition, more than 1,000 graffiti zones will be open to amateurs to create on buildings, corridors, walls and roads in the block.

To add more elements to the block, such tourist products themed “international modern culture plus” as 3D sightseeing street, transparent and mobilizable music stage, and food shops from all over the world, will be facilitated.

The block is expected to be open to the public on May Day, 2018. After its opening, annual international graffiti arts festival is going to be held. And graffiti artists from home and abroad will be invited.

Chinese young painter Tian Haowwen makes graffiti at the groundbreaking ceremony for the building of Zhangjiajie International Graffiti Arts Block. He wishes graffiti amateurs from across the world to do artistic creation in Zhangjiajie.

Design rendering of 3D sightseeing street

Design rendering of Zhangjiajie·West Street International Graffiti Arts Block

Translator: Xiao Juan