Zhangjiajie ice and snow welcomes New Year,Tourist reception is safe and orderly

On December 28th, affected by the cold weather, Yuanjiajie, Tianzishan, Yangjiajie, Huangshizhai and other scenic spots reappeared the beauty of the snow-capped peaks.

At present, the environmental bus from Tianzi Mountain to Yuanjiajie is temporarily suspended. The relevant departments are fully organizing their efforts to deal with the snow-covered sections and strive to restore environmental passenger transportation services as soon as possible. The scenic traffic, such as the ropeway, elevator, and Shili Gallery sightseeing tram, are all in normal operation.

It is reported that the staff in the core scenic area increased the intensity of on-duty inspections and the safety guidance of tourists. All relevant enterprises also used real-time monitoring systems to comprehensively strengthen security and on-site dispatch. All major scenic spots are safe and orderly. At the same time, Huanglong Cave and Baofeng Lake outside the core scenic spot of Wulingyuan also maintained normal reception.